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Road to Excellence

Road to Excellence is a publication by the Benelli Armi purchasing department, regularly updated and distributed to suppliers. Besides making the pdf file available for download, you can find in these pages the publication content in order to allow its constant update, waiting for any changes to be stabilized and published in next revision.

Become Partner

Suppliers enrolment by the portali is the first step to do if you are interested in starting any kind of business activity with Benelli.

Supply Chain

To Benelli employing sustainability parameters, guaranteeing and improving activity competitiveness, means to manage an uncontested “critical mass”, acting with a long-term vision to reduce risks and wastage, to improve internal and external reliability, to develop process and product innovation with supply chain knowledge, combining profit and growth with the common good.


Benelli Armi is certified by ISO 9001 regulation since 1997. Main processes of purchaising management and suppliers evaluation are controlled in order to guarantee maximum efficacy in line with Benelli quality policy.