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Registration and qualification process

Through this portal Benelli purchaising office has the scope to identify suppliers of products and services that are directly or indirectly connected with the production activity, which are:

  • Raw materials, components and finished products;
  • General services (land line service, cleaning services, ecc.);
  • Professional services (consultations, legal expenses, translations, IT services, ecc.);
  • Marketing (advertising expenditure, digital services, promotional materials, packaging, printing materials, ecc.);
  • Logistics;


The potential supplier (whatever products or services offered) that wants to work together with Benelli, must register in the assigned area and fill in a questionnaire, which includes:

  • Personal data;
  • Information about corporate structure;
  • Range of machine tools and available systems;
  • Belonging product categories
  • Business inclination to reach the operational excellence.


The indispensable update by the supplier of those information will guarantee Benelli the availability of updated data in order to preserve partnership.

The questionnaire’s aim, in addition to represent the first opportunity for the supplier to make himself known, is to let Benelli do an assessment of the suitability of candidacy supplier and, potentially, start the title process in order to make the supplier entry in Benelli supply chain.

If on the one hand there aren’t formal requirement to access to the title process, except for the one requested by law, on the other the “status” of qualified supplier is conditional to the existence of significant requirements of economical and technical skill.

Registration and qualification process